The Tea on Chicmas | A Boujee Chic Experience Blog

The Tea on Chicmas | A Boujee Chic Experience Blog

Welcome to the “Boujee Crew” and thank you so much for subscribing to The Boujee Chic Experience Blog, where we share real life experiences and give our opinion on topics that affect us in our everyday lives. I am so glad that you are here to check out all things chic with us and always know your love and support is greatly appreciated.

The Vision

Now let’s get into the tea around the Chicmas concept. Let me give you guys a brief backstory from the owner for clarity. At the foundation of Chic Vein, was my desire to provide my customers with premium products and to build quality relationships with the people I served. Once I began publicly offering premium products, I noticed I wasn’t fulfilling the vision when it came to the desire to build quality relationships with you.

In September 2022, I took a leap of faith and if you want to hear more about “my leap” just let me know in the comments. But that leap led me to a relationship building idea. My idea was to create a forum on Chic Vein that would become a tool for building quality relationships.

In The Spirit of the Holidays

Once I started developing the forum, I had to come up with a way to launch it and of course the holidays were approaching. Then the little tingle you get when you're on to something, started tingling and it dawned on me just what the holidays are truly all about.

“It’s the Christmas Season, a time when we get together with our families and friends to cultivate our relationships after months of us living out our everyday routines”. So in the spirit of the holidays, I decided to launch The Chicmas Event as a type of spin on the Christmas Season, including my version of the "Twelve Days if Chicmas". I took this season as divine timing to launch the forum/blog to develop quality relationships with the ladies of Boujee Chic.

What does The Boujee Chic Experience Blog Offer You?

  • A behind the scenes look at Chic Vein & my journey of entrepreneurship 
  • Boujee Chic Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty Tips and Tricks
  • A platform where we can place value on our experiences
  • Opportunities for the Ladies to be featured on the Boujee Chic Experience 
  • Tools for self improvement and self rediscovery
  • A chance to motivate and inspire others
  • A safe place to be true to ourselves
  • A blog that helps us become our greatest version

If you've made to this point in the blog, you're so bomb! Thanks for taking a sip of the Tea on Chicmas and I hope you were was able to catch all of the great vibes Boujee Chic is creating for you. Please feel free to leave me a comment below and share this post with someone who would love The Boujee Chic Experience, until next time - Keep it Chic!!

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